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George Kittle, 49ers nearing agreement on deal to become highest paid tight end

A new contract for San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle may not be done just yet, but it appears as though the wait won’t go on much longer. According

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Teens’ social media use does not raise risk for depression: study

Contrary to popular wisdom, daily social media use is not a strong or consistent risk factor for depressive symptoms among adolescents, according to a new study by Columbia University Mailman

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Tencent says U.S. executive order only affects WeChat, not its other businesses

Tencent’s chief financial officer said on Wednesday that the firm understood that the U.S. executive order was focused on its WeChat app in the United States and not on its

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Cancelled Star Wars Ragtag game details surface

A former producer on Amy Hennig’s cancelled Star Wars game has shed new light on the project, and how far it got at Dead Space studio Visceral Games before EA

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3D-Printer Completes the Largest 3D-Printed Home in Europe – With 2 Stories and 980 Square Feet – in Just 3 Weeks

The largest 3D-printed home ever made in Europe—a two story affair with two living rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and foyer—has recently been completed by the Belgian sustainable construction company Kamp

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